Senior Traffic Safety Education is an accident prevention course approved by the Department of Public Safety for people 55 years old or older.
Normally the STSE accident prevention course is broken into two four hour classes. Both classes are needed to start the discount. The second class is all that is needed to renew the discount.
During the Corvid19 virus lockdown STSE will present the class over the internet using Zoom.

This internet based presentation will be divided into four two hour classes. Initial people will attend all four classes and refresher people will attend the last two classes.

If you want to participate:

* A: You must pre-register. See the link at the bottom.

* B: You must have a device (computer, tablet or phone) capable of showing video feeds from the internet such as YouTube videos.

* C: We will be showing slides and a smart phone may not be big enough to read the words.

* D: You need a microphone. (One built in is fine.)

* E: It would be best if you had a camera built in but that is not a requirement.

* F: To record attendance you need to e-mail with the answer to the question asked at the end of the class.

* G: You must enter an e-mail address when you register so the link for joining on line can be sent along with note sheets.

* H: To register for a class or express interest in a future class click on the icon to the right.

On-line Registration
Senior Traffic Safety Education
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