Save 10% on your car insurance if you are 55 or older and take this class.
Senior Traffic Safety Education is a course approved by the Department of Public Safety to satisfy the requirements of MS 658.28 and Rule 7411.7700 as an accident prevention course for people 55 years old or older. By completing this class the participants will receive a 10% discount on their automobile insurance.

The accident prevention course requires eight hours of class time the first time a person takes the class. After three or more years a four hour refresher class is needed to renew the discount.
STSE provides the 8 hour initial class and the four hour refresher class in a unique way. The first 4 hour class is attended by the participants who have NEVER taken an accident prevention course before. At the second four hour class those participants will be joined by those people who just need the refresher. In this way it is possible to operate a class in communities where other organizations would require more students than are available.
Joe Christensen has been teaching traffic safety since 1970. He has more than 49 years of traffic safety education.

In 2007 MDTSEA named Joe Driver Ed Teacher of the Year and ADTSEA named him a Teacher of Excellence. MDTSEA is the Minnesota Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association. ADTSEA is the American Driver and Traffic Safety Education Association.

He taught driver education in several high school programs and at the college level. In fact he has ADTSEA certification to teach driver ed. teachers.

Joe has been a member of the MDTSEA Board of Directors and has served as MDTSEA Conference & Workshop facilitator for about 20 years. He has attended 26 ADTSEA Conferences and was a speaker at four of them.

While working at SCSU, he presented Driving Under the Influence Demonstrations to high school and college students around Minnesota. He also worked on creating driver education curriculum materials.

Joe was trained as an instructor to teach accident prevention courses in 1997 for AAA and and in 2003 for the Minnesota Safety Council. In 2013, he was approved as an independent provider of accident prevention courses. He did this because small towns could not reach the number of students required by the other programs.

He served as the Toward Zero Death coordinator for MN 95 for several years and currently is a Stearns Benton Toward Zero Death committee member.

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